Ryan has a clarity and intensity that translates extremely well to the student of yoga. I believe he continues to be a student of yoga and that his curiosity keeps his classes very interesting and satisfying. He explains poses well and communicates clearly. All of our practices are improved with Ryan as an instructor.
— Paul Chipley MD | Wilmington Yoga Center

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— Pat, Brazil

Meghan’s SUP yoga class was such a fun treat! She taught us the basics of paddleboarding before we set out on the water through the beautiful marsh to our small group’s yoga “studio” on the water that morning. My “normal” yoga poses became a completely new experience whilst trying to achieve balance on a paddleboard!
I can’t wait to get back out on the water with Meghan!
— Danelle

I have been practicing yoga since 1998, and have had the good fortune to train extensively under many well-known and experienced teachers throughout the country. In my opinion, Ryan has all the elements that make-up a great yoga teacher: personal discipline, intellect, physical capability, extensive knowledge of anatomy, and the humility to continue to remain a student of this ancient and powerful practice.
— Christy Lewis, RYT 500

A yoga class with Meghan Stepanowski is like a hike in Costa Rica on a beautiful day with a
trusted guide...a nice mix of challenge, relaxation, and words of wisdom. Her poignancy with
poses, knowledgeable assists, and ability to connect the practice with the
student’s everyday lives is always amazing and appreciated.
— Michelle B.