Meghan and Ryan met several years ago when they both happened into the same surf shop. Their paths seemed destined to stay crossed, as several weeks later they both began working at the same yoga studio. 

Over time, they discovered they had similar passions for education and service. What’s more, they both had nomadic hearts- with a propensity toward movement and a desire to grow and change. 

Together they created Roam, yoga a space for those who know home is the people and community encountered while on the roam. 

Rather that wandering aimlessly around, their vision is in the taking root; in staying in one place long enough to become connected and embedded into community. They seek out the yogis wherever they roam. They travel with the intention to create a healthy marriage between the nomadic heart and the anchored soul. 

Their dedication to migration stems from a belief in natural cycles. Birds and butterflies know when it’s time to go, and so do we, when we truly listen. Honest inquiry and intrinsic intuition lead the traveler home. Traveling and then MIGRATING back home to the truest self is one adventure that usually feels out of reach but is always available. They believe that true YOGA is the migration back to one’s self, a journey worth taking

Meghan tolhurst


Meghan is an educator and an explorer. She began practicing yoga almost 20 years ago and has been teaching for more than 10. She became interested in yoga because of the way the practice joins the body to the mind and the heart. Her classes merge passion for empowerment through conscious connection and living a sustainable life with purpose. Her style is fluid whether in the studio or on a paddleboard, anchored by the foundations of alignment and pranayama. While she practices asana daily, she believes the true practice begins when we step off the mat. 

A lover of language, Meghan has a Master’s Degree in Literacy Education with a specialization in English as a Second Language. She is a writer, published in Elephant Journal, Yoga Trade, and Sri Lanka Travel Magazine.  She is the previous program facilitator and current marketing director for the Peace Through Yoga Foundation, a non-profit empowerment program-serving girls in rural Carbon, Costa Rica. She is 500 hour YTT certified.

 She is most at home near salt water or holding a suitcase. Subsequently, she has lived and taught extensively in North Carolina, South Africa, and Costa Rica. She has co-led workshops in Costa Rica, Nicaragua & Aruba. Her most influential teachers include: Ashley Ludman, Kristin Cooper-Guluk, Melanie Castleman, Susana Harwood Rubin, Adriana Leiva, and Ancel Mitchell.

ryan tolhurst


Ryan first came to yoga to deepen his practice and understanding of the spiritual and philosophical. He is a graduate of the Wilmington Yoga Center 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training where he is currently pursuing his advanced 300hr training. Ryan earned his degree in biomechanics and kinesiology from The University of Richmond.

While attending the University of Richmond, Ryan was a member of both the football and track teams. Following his collegiate career in football, Ryan went on to play for the Carolina Panthers. Yoga was an integral part of supporting his athletic career both physically and mentally. Ryan embraces the physical challenges that yoga can provide and enjoys sharing how those physical challenges can lead to a deeper understanding and connection with oneself. Ryan’s classes have a focus on alignment through a strong understanding of anatomy and physiology. By integrating a spiritual and meditative awareness in his classes, Ryan hopes to inspire students through their own practice to look within themselves to live more mindful compassionate lives.