The heart is nomadic

Part I 

As your desire is, so is your will.  As your will is, so is your deed.  As you deed is, so is your destiny.

~The Upanishads


A Broken System

About 3 weeks ago I went to two different public school interviews.  I last taught in public schools two years ago, but upon completing my Master’s Degree in literacy education, I figured I owed it to myself to at least TRY to go back. Both interviews were for English as a Second Language positions in North Carolina, a state plagued with a reputation for being ranked 48th in education on a national average. I left both interviews more Depressed and Lost than I’ve felt in a long while. As I sat at those conference tables and was asked the exact same questions verbatim in both interviews I thought: I don’t belong, I don’t want this job, I’m never going back. Each question was so generic, so scripted, and lacked any real fire or room for growth, expansion, or facilitation of a holistic experience in the education system.


Intentions and Goals: To fuel your soul

Rewind about 6 months to this spring.  My friend Michelle and I are sitting on the floor with poster boards, old magazines, glue, and tea. We had discussed getting together to make vision boards for several weeks and had taken time to get extremely specific about our goals and desires. I have to admit, I was embarrassed about my desires. Some of what I wanted seemed too lofty, some too stereotypical, and some (gasp) even too traditional.  But we spent the better part of several hours cutting and pasting like dutiful middle school children unaware that our desires, once planted firmly on poster board for all to see, were quickly beginning to weave themselves  into our future plans.


Getting Truthful

I am always looking, searching, and dreaming. More than once a month I look at International teaching boards, yoga jobs available on Yoga Trade,, LinkedIn, the list goes on.  A major part of my vision board or desire map is that my life’s work be infused with passion.  I am not the sort of person who is fulfilled by a traditional role. I am constantly searching for how I can make a difference, become involved with international education, and support myself while doing so. I’ve expended quite a bit of energy and filled the ears of many friends with my desire to combine my two love’s: International ESL education and yoga. I’ve expressed this over and over again. Truthfully, the vision I had for myself was earning a part time position at the local university, ideally in the international education department, and to be able to continue to teach yoga on a weekly basis. But, the universe, disguised as a Craigslist, had other plans for me.


The Core of Desire

When I read the job posting by an organization called Peace Through Yoga looking for an ESL instructor in Costa Rica, I paused. This sounded just like me, to me. As it turns out, it sounded just like me to my future employers. They were kind enough to put off two other candidates, one that they had basically hired, to speak with me. Not only did they answer my questions but they met (via Skype) with my boyfriend, my dog, and my expectations.  With only 48 hours to make the decision, my boyfriend Ryan and I poured over all the options, What happens if we go? What happens if we don’t? We ultimately kept coming back to the same place.  All our conversation, all our calculations, and all our internal guides were telling us to go!  A few hours later we found ourselves eating dinner, signing the contract, and planning on moving our lives, our work, and our DOGS to Hone Creek, Costa Rica! 

Part II Coming Soon