Our inspiration: Websites we love

Here are a few websites we love that are powered by love, making an impact for people and animals worldwide. Please visit these sites if you would like to find out more about how to get involved with their missions.



1) Warrior Twos and Brews 

Warrior Twos & Brews at Front Street Brewery unites our local community through yoga & craft beer to raise awareness & give back to local non-profits.


2) Sergent Pepper’s Friends 

Sgt. Pepper’s Friends is a non-profit animal rescue organization founded and located in Aruba. Our dogs and cats are available for adoption in the United States, Canada, Aruba, the Netherlands and Sweden as of now. Every country we add to the list requires careful research, but we hope open up to families in other countries in the future as well.


3) Quetzal Vision

Quetzal Vision is changing the world one beat at a time. 


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4) International Center for Girls in Costa Rica

Peace through Yoga Foundation’s International Center for Girls’  mission is to enrich, educate, and empower girls in the rural area of Carbón and the surrounding community in Costa Rica.   The vision is for the Costa Rican girls will grow up to be smart, poised and confident.